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First Entry

I didn't like the final timelapse I made using my main camera. Woke up at 3:30am to get into the hills well before sunrise only to fail. The composition was bad, settings were off and my sensor had dust on it (or something was on my lens). I'm starting my journey into doing more timelapse projects and I hope to have many more educational failures in 2019. To failing! (Here's a still that came out ok).

Captain's Log, star date something or other.

Hello and welcome to my first Journal entry!

While I understand that the purpose of my website is to display my portfolio and relevant pricing information for my services but beyond that I'd like to use it to tell stories of my experiences in this wild world of photography. There are so many in between moments, personal works, and just general thoughts about life I'd like to express via photo and word.

This is the umpteenth time I've tried to do this and dedicate more time to writing but I'm hoping and expecting to have a good run this time around. I'm in a place in my life where curiosity has grabbed me by the gills and it feels like I'm learning photography all over again. A fresh new view.

So this is the first entry in what I hope will be a stream of consciousness that will culminate in the telling of multiple books of stories. You'll be able to expect trips into the wilderness for landscape shots, rounds about the city for street photography and a variety of portrait experiments.

Thank you for reading and I hope to have more content to keep you content in the future.