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2018 Looking to 2019

Made a quick little video reflecting on 2018 earlier this month. It was a roller coaster of a year but one that has lead me to narrow down my focus in my photography. It's often too easy to get busy, distracted, and live untidy in your mind and in your home. I'm looking to change that in 2019, being more organized and believing that I can excel at the photography I do and want to do.

  • First Entry

    Captain's Log, star date something or other. Hello and welcome to my first Journal entry! While I understand that the purpose of my website is to display my portfolio and relevant pricing information for my services but beyond that I'd like to use it to…

    Timelapse Jan 03 2019

    This is my latest attempt at learning how to shoot time-lapse videos. It's a technique I've not only wanted to learn for personal projects but something I'd like to offer some of my commercial clients. Maybe do a time-lapse of a wedding setup like I did…