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Cosmo Makeup Academy 12.16.2018

My friend Jannyna called me in to take a few beauty shots for the Academy she works for, Cosmo. We shot at their Cerritos Location. Here are a few highlights.

  • Timelapse Jan 03 2019

    This is my latest attempt at learning how to shoot time-lapse videos. It's a technique I've not only wanted to learn for personal projects but something I'd like to offer some of my commercial clients. Maybe do a time-lapse of a wedding setup like I did…

    A Hole the Size of Your Laugh

    I decided to add a few more photos to the "Headless" set I shot back in October for my "Art Dies in Comfort" post. I was in a very different place then but I found it cathartic to be able to express myself through my chosen medium. Photography is often…