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Big Bear Time Lapse March 25 2019

Hey Look! I'm blogging again. Let's hope I can keep it up this time around.

I wanted to make a quick post to share this time lapse I made a couple of months ago while on a family trip. I really wanted to dedicate most of my time that weekend to spending it with the family I don't get to see very often. However as the night rolled on, the food settled in and the eyelids grew heavy I snuck out for a few shots under the night sky.

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It was about 32 degrees out that night I believe and I made it out just before sunset to pick my composition. I had two locations in mind but ultimately chose the more comfortable one as I knew I'd be cold and out for a while. Note to self, listen to the REI guy's advice about wearing layers.

I planned to be out shooting this time lapse for about 2 hours however half way through my session I heard a noise in the lake. Something was playing in the shore and I couldn't quite make out what it was. I thought maybe it was a stray dog. Then I heard very audible sniffing, I peered into the darkness and still could not make out what it was. Dog? Bear? A venturous human with a cold? The playful splashing continued and whatever it was began making a chirping sound.

What a mad man I would be to risk being mauled by this mysterious creature for a couple more seconds of footage. I won't lie, the thought did cross my head but I received a text from my sister letting me know the baked cookies were ready. My senses came to and I packed my things and carefully walked towards my car.

Later that night my niece did a little research for me and found out that mountain lions make the very same chirping sound I heard. The next morning we went back to the spot where I heard the noises only to find these paw prints :

Wild night, quite literally, but I think the result was worth it.

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