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About Me

Hello and Welcome to my site! I hope you're here because you're either interested in my services, interested in my photography, or both! I appreciate you taking your time to peruse my site and the variety of works I've dedicated my life to creating.

I've been photographing in the Los Angeles area for over 10 years now and have covered events for many companies such as The Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Association, Pretty Little Thing, Sofitel Hotel (Beverly Hills), Twitch, Great Minds in STEM, LA Rams, Boohoo Man, and many more. In conjunction with Wife of the Party I've had the pleasure in covering some of the hottest parties in LA.

Beside red carpets and glitzy parties I've also had the pleasure of covering many private and family events including Weddings. You can view my wedding work here. I made a separate site for that work because I feel it deserves it's own space. Also I enjoy fancy URLs.

When I'm not doing the work described in the previous paragraphs I enjoy working on personal projects. Portraits are a passion of mine and I love the power of a story told through a single frame. If I don't have a subject I've been hired to photograph I'll often seek one out to explore my story telling abilities and sharpen my skills as a photographer. Often this takes the form of street photography.

When there isn't a subject with a pulse I look to the planet to be my subject. Climbing hills, biking down trails and following the river's flow I've recently began to explore landscape photography again. By the end of this year (2019) I intend to have some prints available for sale.

Still reading? Great! A few more personal details about me. I was born raised in Los Angeles county, spent 4 years in Santa Cruz for my Undergraduate degree and am currently residing in Duarte, CA. My website is my sanctuary and my knife to cut the clutter of social media.

Again I appreciate your visit. You can keep up with my adventures via my journal. If you need to get a hold of me feel free to drop me an email here : contact.


Edward DLT